Hand-made Custom Area Rugs

We specialize in hand-made custom area rugs and floor furnishings for both high-end residential and commercial projects.

Custom Design And Exceptional Service

Choose from a global palette of colors and a variety of weaving techniques. Select from the finest hand-knotted wools, silks and natural textures. Let us guide you through each phase of creation—from inspiration and design to manufacturing and presentation.

Our desire to incorporate—not dictate—the tastes of our clients ensures that you will obtain the rug you want at a price that works.

Pigment Perfect: Hand-Dyed Custom Color.

Our chic color library displays a modern spectrum, from rich jewel tones to every conceivable pastel and grey.

We offer New Zealand and Himalayan wools, along with real natural silk and faux and vegetable silks. Exotic natural fibers include hemp, abaca, jute, sisal, and water hyacinth. Depending on functional and budget requirements, we also recommend metallics and uniquely durable synthetic yarns.

High-End Residential

Commercial Use

Our Method

Our method builds upon the tastes and preferences of our customers. Together we will get the perfect rug to your project on-budget: no size too large.

We can also customize and create private-label woven textiles to sell at retail.

Design And Process

Our decades of expertise open doors to a vibrant and sophisticated world of pattern and texture. We may start with a personal visit to your project site. Or we sit down together with your pre-construction architectural plans, planned paint colors, furnishings, and textiles. You’ll see small Studio samples from our extensive library of woven wools, silks, and natural fibers.

Next, we’ll scale a computer layout to your exact specifications, and create a strikeoff to lock-in colors and the weave. We offer knotted Tibetan, Indo-Tibetan, and Persian-style rugs as well as hand-crafted shags, flatweaves, needlepoint and we even source unique antique rugs