The Best Quality

Whether contemporary or traditional in feel, our handmade products showcase quality construction, innovative new textures, and contemporary colors.

Traditional Craft

Our artisanal weavers and top traditional mills are the finest globally. Working within centuries-old textiles traditions, they craft exceptional wools, silks, and other natural fibers according to the highest standards in the industry.

Our Fine Qualities

Our fine qualities include: Hand-knotted Tibetan, Indo-Tibetan, Silk, Faux-Silk, Oriental and Persian reproductions, Needlepoint, Leather, Shag, Flatweave, Water Hyacinth, Hemp, Abaca, Jute and Hand-tufted New Zealand wool.

Customized Solutions.

We provide personalized consulting services including advice on different qualities available within a price point and visits to the site to help with design and color selection. We also do private-labeling: creating designs and customizing programmed goods for retail sales.

Natural Quality

Our wool is spun and carded by hand, then batch-dyed with natural vegetable pigments or high-quality Swiss dyes. In particular, our Tibetan long-staple wool comes from sheep raised on high plateaus in the Himalayas. Nepal-based masters weave it into carpets using traditional Tibetan knots. Since this high-quality yarn has abundant natural lanolin, your rugs will only increase in beauty and luster with use over the years.

Explore Our Finest Qualities.